Personal Training Program

We have taken all of the benefits of having a personal trainer and made it extremely affordable and simple. PTP is a cost effective approach to managing your health, designed to deliver incredible results while saving you time and money. This unique program works because it focuses on your lifestyle and not just a workout. A healthy lifestyle is the only way to maintain your overall health and achieve your fitness goals. PTP is successful because you are in constant contact with your assigned personal trainer who will monitor your progress and support you every step of the way. Your Personal Trainer will deliver weekly, personalized workouts for you to complete at your own pace. They also review your food journal and contact you everyday in regards to making healthy decisions that are in alignment with your goals. Once a week you will meet with your trainer and other PTP participants for the weekly fat burning and muscle building workout that will help you get fit and stay there!! The workouts are indoor/outdoor and designed to keep your body fired up. There is also a Yoga Cool Down that brings your heart rate down, relaxes you and prepares you for a new week.

PTP is designed to be simple, effective and affordable. We offer several different packages that can fit into any budget. If managing your health has been a struggle and you are looking for a group of supportive, encouraging and positive people PTP is for you. Do not hesitate. Take the first step and give us a call today!!