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Reggie Macena has been a certified personal trainer for over 15 years. He started with a passion for staying fit and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. He took that same passion to work, where he Started as a personal trainer and eventually became the Head Personal Trainer for Lucille Roberts. In 2006, he founded Good For Life Personal Training in order to fully devote himself and deliver his unique brand of personal training to a broader market. Good For Life now has grown to include a group of trainers and instructors who deliver the same first class experience in personal training and weight management. The GFL approach combines a physical and mental approach to personal training that is the key to long lasting health and wellness. Good For Life trainers takes pride in empowering their clientele to take their fitness to new levels and use that fitness to conquer challenges inside and outside the gym.

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In the summer of 2012, Reggie found time to not only take me on as a client, but dramatically change my life for the better. He showed me how to work out and how to lead a healthy life style outside of the gym, my starting weight was 257, my goal weight was 215 but i did not think i would be able to reach that goal in just a couple short summer months, just over 2 months to be exact. By summers end, I weighed 211 achieving something I believed not to be possible in such a short time. Because of Reggie, I went from a XXL to a L in mens shirts and from a waist of 40-42 to a waist 36. He showed me how to eat and stay healthy and I would recommend this man to anyone out there, he is not only my trainer, but he is my friend now, and i firmly believe that he is the reason my life has been altered for the better. I tried and tried and continuously failed. Until Reggie came along, he is a 10/10 and a great guy! Looking forward to working out again on a regular basis with him for the summer of 2013 to get the body I have always wanted, except this time, I am confident and ready.

Good for Life Training
Alan Nick

I never really enjoyed working out as it was extremely difficult to get motivated. Joining the gym only proved to be a waste of money. On the rare occasions I would go, it would be crowded and I would instantly feel intimidated by the hard bodies that surrounded me. I dreaded going to parties because this meant having to shop for something to wear. I was turning 40 and knew a change had to be made. In the spring I noticed my neighbor had been looking very trim and fit, so I asked her what her secret was. She gave me Reggie's phone number that I put in my bag and truthfully didn't use it until six months later. I've now been working out with Reggie in my home for 16 months and cliché as it may sound, I've never looked and felt as good as good as I do now. Reggie is not just a trainer, but a personal coach. He truly cares and inspires you to succeed and to strive for your goals. Whether your objective is building strength, weight loss or increasing endurance, Reggie makes you believe you can achieve it! I'm down 35lbs., my arms have great definition and I recently ran my first half marathon. Thank you Reggie for all your support. I love the new me."

Good for Life Training
Abbe Natanielov

Like everyone, over the years I have had the gym experience and even bought equipment to set up a small workout space in my home. All of those options worked for a bit of time, but in the end I found them somewhat boring and never followed through; not to mention the fact that I never knew if I was working out correctly. 13 months ago my wife finally had enough of my complaining and for my 49th birthday she got me some ‘Reggie time’ (the best gift anyone can receive)! As you can tell, it is now 13 months later and not only has Reggie whipped me into shape, but he has become that nagging voice in my ear whenever I am about to eat something I shouldn’t … not that I always listen to that voice, but it does help keep me in check most of the time. For many years I have had trouble with my knees and Reggie was able to work the leg muscles so that I was able to run again … now I am running 3 -5 days each week (10-15 miles). A few months back I was diagnosed with a labral tear and given two options: do some light exercises to build up the muscles or have surgery. Well, over a period of three to four months Reggie, by altering my weekly training sessions, corrected the problem and I am now pain free! Reggie has not only become my coach and trainer, but a true friend … one I have recommended to a number of my friends -- all of whom have hired him. Thanks Reggie! Like I said, you are the best gift someone can give – or get!!

Good for Life Training
Howard L. Rehs

"I have always been involved in sports and have never been the type of person to go to the gym. After I completed my volleyball scholarship, I packed on a few pounds and I joined the gym. After joining, I found out that I was still not the type of person who would go to the gym, however, by joining the gym, I met Reggie. I was totally unmotivated and was not good at pushing myself to work harder. I wanted easy results. Well although they may not have been "easy", I saw results with Reggie. Over the past 8 years I would go back and forth training with Reggie when I noticed those extra pounds were back. Last July I got engaged and after I called the appropriate relatives and friends, Reggie was the next person on my list. I needed to be pushed and trained to look good in that white dress that costs so much. Well, in less than one year I lost 18 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes. My wedding dress was too big on me and people have not stopped telling me how good I look. Reggie made training fun and I saw results quickly when I listened to his directions. I have and will continue to recommend Reggie and Good For Life Training to friends and family members, because he is great at what he does!"

Good for Life Training
Vanessa Jeremenko