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Today I’m excited to let you know that for the second year we plan on raising money for the children of St. John Paul School in Haiti. Last year was extremely successful and we hope to repeat or even surpass that success this year. We were able to supply 48 kindergarten students with pens, paper, school bags and most of the supplies and materials needed for the academic year. The pictures and videos that the school shared were incredibly touching. I am encouraged and motivated to do even more this year, with your help and support.

This past January my parents visited the school and fell in love with each one of our kids. (My mother hasn’t stopped talking about it.) The students, faculty and parents were so happy to have met her. They sang songs and enthusiastically showed how appreciative they were. When my mother returned from the trip she told all of the wonderful stories of what the kids said and did while she was there. I can tell it really moved her.

While touring the school, my mother noticed that the school bathroom is in dire need of renovation. As a result, I proactively researched and solicited several quotes for the cost of construction of a new bathroom for the school. This year the goal is simple. We’d  like to sponsor the incoming kindergarten class, and help build a bathroom for the school. The estimated cost is $2,200. We set a goal of $4000 with all additional funds going to the purchase of more school supplies.

With your help I am sure we can reach this goal. I plan on having all of the school supplies purchased by early July and shipping them down soon after. I will be working with experienced management in Haiti to oversee the construction of the bathroom. The goal is to have construction completed by the start of the school year. When this is all done, God’s willing,  we plan on taking a trip down and seeing the children ourselves!